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     We are human rights activists with no affiliation to any apostate (i.e anti-cult) community. Members of such communities are welcome but they have to leave their anticult rhetoric "outside" because we feel the JW apostate agenda is not human rights friendly.

     We are here to hold Watchtower leaders and minsters accountable because of a policy. The Watchtower can believe whatever it wants, but when its conduct harms people it must be addressed.

     We are not concerned with the rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses, but we are concerned with corporate policies about approaching child molestation issues. We are only interested in the elders and other high ranking Watchtower officials. We are not interested in in "saving" Jehovah's Witnesses from their religion. We are interested in protecting victims of child molestation within the Watchtower. it is the person's first amendment right to stay or leave. We never interfere with that cherished right.

NOTE: Approach Anticult and apostate sites with caution. These sites are, with a few exceptions, of mixed credibility at best. A list of credible sites by ex-JW's is being created

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